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People Are Sharing Why They Broke Up With the Partners They Thought They'd Marry


If you've considered having a forever-partnership with your significant other, you probably think you know a lot about them. First of all, you're probably wrong (sorry). But even still, you guys probably go together like peanut butter and jelly, considering you've been together all this time and want a future and maybe children and a house, etc. 

So it might interest you to read about other people, people who weren't as lucky in love as you are, who ended up breaking up with the person they thought was their "one" and opening up to reddit about their tales. Come on, who doesn't love to read about the romantic misfortunes of people online? 

For the most part, these stories will probably have you thinking GOOD RIDDANCE, even though you know deep down that none of these writers would be who they are today if it hadn't been for these insane stories that shaped them. Crazy how the world works, huh?

1. The impulsive cheater.

Source: istock
She cheated. After like, five years. Super random.
But she told me about it right away, which took guts. I appreciated the honesty even though I didn't appreciate the [sleeping with] another dude.
So, we broke up. I was like, thanks for telling me, makes me way less mad at you, but still. I gotta jet.
Few years later we caught up at a party. She said she was scared because she saw me as her future husband and it freaked her out so she sabotaged it. Makes sense. Doesn't change anything, but good to know.
We parted as friends. I married someone else. So did she.

- SerenasBallFuzz