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This Dumped Wife's Revenge Instagram Account Is Hilariously Empowering



Handling rejection is never easy. Thankfully though, today more than at any other time in history, we have more tools at our disposal to channel that post-breakup sadness into something creative.

Dianne Laurance split from her now ex-husband after he left her for a younger woman after the two of them had been together for 26 years.

Although some might say that humor is oftentimes a defense mechanism against sadness, it seems like Dianne is genuinely having a blast by battling the trauma she faced in the wake of her breakup into an awesome Instagram channel. It's seriously something straight out of a movie.

The first thing you need to know about Dianne's account is that she is 100% a character. And I don't mean that like it's an obvious act that's tiring to watch: I mean that she is genuinely entertaining and hilarious.

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On her website, she quips, "Apparently I sux as a wife" but she doesn't let that get her down. I mean, just look at what she's wearing. When she isn't rocking out some yoga attire...

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...she's sporting some seriously fabulous and borderline garish outfits like the one below. But here's the thing, even when she's wearing crazy leopard prints or bedazzled, sparkling garbs, it becomes evident that this is 100% who she is. 

Just listening to her voice in one of her many hilarious and strangely uplifting videos for a few seconds makes you realize that Dianne isn't putting on airs at all: She's trying her damnedest to make the most fun out of life as possible. This woman is a total enthusiast and it's infectious.

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If they say that the best way to get revenge on someone is to go out and life your best life, then Dianne is totally taking this mantra to heart. She's secured tons of interviews with different media outlets over her inspirational Instagram account.

Speaking of which, her account is steadily gaining followers. She finalized her divorce with her husband about 18 months ago and made her first post in Mid-April of 2017. She has now racked up over 11,000 followers organically, and she doesn't follow anyone else on the gram. Probably because she's too busy being super fabulous.

If you've scrolled through her Instagram account and watched a few of her videos, like I've obsessively done, you begin to notice a few things about Dianne. The first is that her voice sounds like something straight out of a cartoon.

She sounds like she could play a luxurious Australian bird straight out of a Disney film. The other thing you notice is that she has her on trademark sign-off move: an unironic gun-finger-point and teeth click. It's become her trademark and I'm obsessed with it.

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You might have noticed something else about Dianne's "Dizey's Doozey's" video series — it's that she's sitting directly beneath a huge photograph of herself where she's rocking a huge fur coat in her birthday suit. She's all smiles in the picture, just like she is in pretty much all of her Instagram posts.

And yes, it's not lost on me that Dianne comes off a bit crazy, but there's something to be said of her "not giving a damn" attitude, and that's because she fully embraces it. Just look at this post of hers where she celebrated being featured in Vogue. Notice anything off about it?

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Not only did she spell Vogue incorrectly and not only did she create her own promotional poster in what looks like MS Paint, she didn't even bother to take the post down and correct it. Instead, she just apologized to the outlet in an Instagram comment. If that isn't an OG move, then I don't know what is.

What spurred Dianne to create the account was actually a comment made to her by her now ex-husband after she confronted him about his cheating ways. She took it to heart.

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"When two people have been together for a long time and they break up, there’s always one who thrives and one who doesn’t," he told her.

So Dianne decided to be the one who thrives in the situation and from the looks of it, she's doing quite nicely for herself.

As a result of her divorce, Dianne was forced to sell her very successful wine business, which was bought for a cool $20 million, a record for Western Australia.

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Yeah, that's right, Dianne was the owner of the very successful Laurance Wines, and since she no longer has a business to run, she's directed much of her focus to creating an awesome and entirely unique Instagram account.

On the one hand, it features your typical, glamorous poses shot by a professional photographer. Dianne has someone else handle her uploads and brings a pro photographer along with her when she travels to ensure her account always has sizzling posts. It's typical influencer fare.

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But then she also puts up things that only she could conjure up in her mind, like this charming little number below where she warns her followers that she's going to be discussing female genitalia, very, very soon. I'm not sure if I have any words for it.

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Well, any other words than "awesome." Dianne Laurance is 100% a character, and one that she re-invented to help her get through a depressing time in her life. If you can throw a punch when you're at your weakest, then that's when you're going to feel your best. For Dianne, it definitely looks like it's working. Go on with your bad Australian self, Dianne. (h/t Vogue)

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