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Woman's Suggestion For What To Do If You Find Nudes On Your BF's Phone Is Fire

Woman's Suggestion For What To Do If You Find Nudes On Your BF's Phone Is Fire
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1 year ago

A young woman named Rebaneilwe was scrolling through Twitter, as you do, when she saw a very interesting question posted by @bonnntle. "Ladies, what would you do if you found another girl's nudes on your man's phone?"

The responses were varied, from actual advice on how to back your man into a tighter and tighter corner until he admits his infidelity, to just plain revenge:

But the winner of the convo was definitely Rebaneilwe, whose answer has been retweeted over 6,ooo times:

"Send them to myself. When he asks for my nudes, I'll send hers again." So simple. So devastating. You can see why the idea struck a cord with people. Can you imagine yourself waiting, perfectly composed and cool, until the night your guy decides to try and get a boob shot from you? Revenge is a dish best served cold and via text. Everybody is applauding her genius: 

BuzzFeed News spoke with Rebaneilwe, who was unfortunately primed to answer the question. She'd been cheated on in the past. She didn't deal with it in quite the way she recommended on Twitter.

"I was more sad, cried-myself-to-sleep kind of thing," she said, adding that she would never be "letting it happen again!" In fact, her real answer for people who realize they're being cheated on is much more grounded.

"If your partner is unfaithful, leave β€” The trust is broken. Let go, as hard as it may be."  Now that's great advice.

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