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Source: Getty Images

These Extravagant Celebrity Proposals Top Anything In Your Social Media Feed


It's engagement season, which for us normals means a slew of high school classmates will be posting "I said yes!" diamond ring shots for a month. But if you're a celebrity armed with the wealth to make your first, second, or third wife really swoon, proposals have to be extravagant as hell.  In fact, celebrities set the stage for how elaborate these proposals can actually get. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made it so you can't have a proposal without sharing it with the entire world and renting a stadium. From the expensive to the romantic, here are some of the most elaborate celebrity proposal stories to top whatever you'll see during engagement season.

...or not. It's 2018, which means you can't ask anyone to marry you without the help of a flash mob, apparently.

1. Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Source: Getty Images

The Russell Brand-Katy Perry union packed so much wackiness in such a short span of time, and a fun blip on the wackometer involved Russell’s New Year’s Eve proposal. Apparently the comedian flew out Katy on a surprise trip to Jaipur, India. According to an US Weekly source, Katy low-key mentioned how much she loved Indian culture when they were eating curry in England, and the trip was a Christmas present. You know, NBD.

The proposal itself happened at the five-star Taj Rambagh Palace hotel, where the stayed in the presidential suite. "We set a table in a garden with candles everywhere," a hotel worker told Sun. "They arrived in a horse and carriage with a glass of champagne and we served them dinner." After dinner, Russell arranged for fireworks to ring in 2010 while the pair sat on an elephant.  Wait, what? 

That sounds so  dangerous — how would the elephant not be spooked out by that? That could’ve backfired completely. In any case, it’s a pretty intense move to fly someone to India just because they enjoy curry. My boyfriend’s never flown me to China because of my love of pork buns.

I am comforted by the fact that Russell and Katy got divorced.