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Source: abc

Why the 'Scrubs' Christmas Episode Is a Modern Holiday Classic

By Mustafa Gatollari

Scrubs does a lot of things well, so it's almost unfair that its Season 1, Episode 11 entry into the series, "My Own Personal Jesus," is as good as it is. 

As a comedy drama, Scrubs is consistently funny. But the program's also capable of hitting some very poignant notes from time to time, punctuating with laughs at just the right time. And while "Bromance" isn't exactly a genre of TV (who are we kidding, it is) Scrubs dishes that out in spades.

What makes "My Own Personal Jesus" one of the series' strongest episodes is how it combines everything Scrubs does so well and cranks the quality up to the highest possible level. OK, and that sprinkle of extra-special Christmas magic and festivity might have something to do with it, too.