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Source: Getty Images

Celebrities with Bad Hygiene Habits That Give Us the Icks


Just because you're living in a mansion with gold-plated toilet seats and buying up $400 skincare products doesn't mean you don't neglect your personal hygiene. In fact, there are more than a few celebrities that do some pretty weird things while they're in that bathroom with the gold-plated seats...and for some reason, they've been really candid about it. Below, we discuss the ick factor of celebrities with questionable hygiene habits.

Jessica Simpson barely brushes her teeth.

Source: Getty Images

There are so many important pop culture moments brought to us by Jessica Simpson, yet this tidbit gets lost in the mix. In a 2010 Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance, she revealed she didn’t brush her teeth every day. And I’m not talking about the missing the occasional too-tired-to-brush evening, because we’ve all been there. She revealed she only gets around to it maybe three times a week.

Really, it’s why this is a thing for her that’s worth framing: