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Source: Walt Disney Pictures

You Probably Won't Recognize Bernard From ‘The Santa Clause’ Movies Today


Iconic Christmas movies are known to stick with children through adulthood. One of our favorites happens to be the '90s classic, The Santa Clause. Though it’s hard not to fall in love with the father-son bond built throughout the movie between Tim Allen (who plays Scott Calvin) and his son Charlie (played by Eric Llyod), we cannot forget the not-so-cheery head elf, Bernard. So, what happened to Bernard in The Santa Clause movies?

The 1994 family film cast Home Improvement star Tim as a businessman — who happens to work in the toy industry — with a less-than-stellar relationship with his son, Charlie, which is pretty obvious after he’s late picking up his son on Christmas Eve from his ex-wife’s house during the first few minutes of the movie.