14 People on Twitter Who Are More Excited for Christmas Than You

These holiday fanatics are already going way harder than you.


Nov. 28 2018, Updated 2:50 p.m. ET

funny christmas tweets
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I was raised by parents who thought it was important to instill a few key beliefs in me — and two have stuck with me throughout the years. The first is to follow the golden rule and treat others the way you'd like to be treated. The second is to not begin putting up Christmas decorations until at least the Friday after Thanksgiving.

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When I moved to L.A. this year, people's absolute disregard for this second rule kind of blew my mind. The second Halloween was over, it seemed like the entire county of Los Angeles felt the need to fast-forward through November and blast Christmas carols while putting up their trees and lights.

No joke, some of the houses on my block have been decorated since the literal moment Halloween decorations came down, nearly two months before the holiday commemorating Jesus' birth, or whatever. 

And people on Twitter seem to be just as excited as some of my IRL neighbors, even though it's not even December. 

Below are 14 people who are definitely more excited than you about the holiday season.

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I'm not sure what it is about Christmas. Is it the presents? The fact that we're seeing our family? Didn't we just see them, like, last week for Thanksgiving?

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According to some, it might be the irresistible food. "Can’t wait for Christmas dinner.. me hungry," tweeted one user SAVAGELY, the day after Thanksgiving. Someone, give this person your leftovers.

Another adds, "The countdown until Christmas dinner is on, it's literally all I’m thinking about. Can’t wait to smash a 10 course meal, 837 pigs in blankets, 6857 cheese and biscuits, and still have room for 1059 mince pies."

Want to invite me over? The most I have to look forward to is probably a glass or three of champagne. 

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For many, the prime motivator seems to be the bright and colorful Christmas decorations. One person tweeted "I’d say sorry but I wouldn’t mean it. Yes I know it’s November but I don’t bloody care. One month til Christmas! I’m sooooooo excited!" beside a photo of a (literally) lit Christmas tree.

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I appreciate the smell of fresh pine as much as the next person, but the sorry-not-sorry isn't doing it for me here. 

Another person who isn't ashamed of her unabashed holiday spirit writes "I love Christmas time. I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights and Christmas music and Christmas movies and Christmas cookies and Christmas decorations and Christmas break and Christmas socks and Jesus’s birthday and drinking hot chocolate and YA I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!"

And others are disguising their holiday excitement with punny takes on Christmas decorations, like this guy who writes he "can’t wait to stand under the missile toe."

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funny christmas tweets
Source: Twitter

Someone else writes, "We are now exactly one month until Christmas, meaning you can eat whatever or drink whenever you want for the next 4 weeks. Look, I don't make the laws people." 

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I think this brings us to the most compelling reason to be excited about the holidays: comfy clothes.

"Christmas pjs are back out!🎅🏼 cosy cosy," writes one person on the platform. 

Another adds, "I’m excited for Christmas Eve where I can sit in comfy pyjamas, watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows." The day after Thanksgiving, one self-proclaimed "Staten Island guido" tweeted "Anyone know where I can find comfy cotton Christmas onesies?? Not those cheap feeling gross ones."

This might be my favorite tweet of the season.

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For many others on Twitter, the excitement revolves around the giving and receiving of presents, as this person above writes in an all-too-relatable tweet.

Another adds, "My 'going shopping for Christmas presents and buying myself something instead' game is strong af." Once again, relatable. Especially after all of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

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Call me a grinch, but some people are taking this Christmas craze way too far. Like this person who writes "Wrapping Christmas presents is getting me in the mood for Christmas." 

What!!! What kind of animal already has all the holiday presents they need and begins wrapping in November? I personally wait until two hours before Christmas Eve dinner, but that's just me.

Others are taking the opportunity to start trolling their kids about their Christmas presents, probably in order to make them sweat and keep them on their best behavior for the next month.

"Got my children an ex-box for Christmas. Can’t wait to see their little faces," writes one dad alongside this photo. 

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If I had to pick my favorite-ever dad joke, this might just be it.

Merry Christmas, you crazy early birds. Remember to space out your excitement over the next 20-something days.

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