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Source: Instagram

Kalani Reveals She's Pregnant (Again!) on '90 Day Fiancé

By Anna Quintana

One month before their wedding day, Kalani and Asuelu dropped a major bombshell on 90 Day Fiancé —the couple is expecting their second child. 

"I feel like I should be excited but I feel like it's not good timing right now with his papers and the next round of papers we have to do and planning a wedding and taking care of my son," Kalani said between tears on the TLC reality series. "I feel like I'm not even as good of a mom as I should be now, and now I'm going to have another baby to take myself away from my son even more. I feel like I'm already spreading myself so thin... and I'm so sick of disappointing my family." 

Unlike Kalani, 30, who was five weeks pregnant at the time of filming, Aseulu, 23, was excited about the baby news from the beginning. "Kalani, she's mad because I am very happy to make a baby," he said on the show. "I come from a big family, I have lots of siblings so it's good feeling for me to have a son. And my son to have another sibling. But Kalani doesn't feel the same with me."