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Source: Instagram

11 Celebs Who Had to Take the Backseat as a Bridesmaid


No matter how big your star is, you’re probably going to have to play second fiddle as a bridesmaid at your non-famous friend’s wedding. That means desaturating your vibe if you’re Lady Gaga, coming out of hiding if you’re Taylor Swift, and bowing down if you’re Beyonce. Being in a bridal party is a big equalizer, although I have to wonder, is it worse if you’re used to being the center of attention? Because my God, I can imagine there’s nothing more (de)humanizing than being a multiple Grammy winner and having to hold your friend’s gown while she pees. 

Because we’re all in this together, here are a handful of celebrities who served as bridesmaids and lived to ‘gram the tale. 

1. Taylor Swift

Source: Instagram: @abigail_lauren

Taylor Swift has played bridesmaid twice for two members of the OG squad, AKA her normie BFFs. First, she played maid of honor to Britany Maack in 2016. Taylor was spotted taking her longtime friend to Reem Acra to buy her a wedding gown, which is definitely a perk of making your celeb friend your MoH.

"Reem does the most amazing bridal designs, and Britany and I were looking through Vogue, and she pointed to this one gown, and I was like, 'I wonder if we could go to the showroom...'" Taylor told People at the time.

Next up was Abigail —  Yes “Abigail gave everything she had, to a boy who changed his mind” Abigail — Anderson’s wedding in 2017. A little before Reputation restored her, well, reputation, Taylor was fielding boos from passersbys during the ceremony. All things considered, maybe braving the public eye post-Snakegate was a bigger act of kindness than buying a Reem Acra dress. On the other hand, Taylor, it’s not your day, geez!