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Source: YouTube

What Your Fave Pop Stars Looked and Sounded Like When They Were Kids


The world of pop stardom is not instantaneous. For most singers, whether they're Ariana Grande or Britney Spears, they were singing long before they became successful. For example, Britney got her start belting out ballads on Star Search, while Ariana Grande was starring in Broadway's Annie. Although they've transformed a lot through the years, the talent was clearly there from the beginning. However, it's pretty interesting to see how much their images and voices have evolved (or devolved). Below, a few of our favorite throwbacks to pop stars when they were just kids.

1. Ariana Grande

Source: YouTube

While most eight-year-olds were still screwing up their multiplication tables, Ariana Grande was singing the National Anthem and even appearing in a production of Annie. Even at her age, she still had great range and easily hit the "land of the free" note that many voice-trained adults struggle with. Although the video is old, it went viral again after Fergie infamously butchered "The Star-Spangled Banner" at a basketball game. "Eight-year-old Ariana sang better than Fergie lol," an Arianator on YouTube wrote.