'Bird Box' Spawns Hilarious "Can't Hear, Can't Speak, Can't See" Meme



Netflix is going out on a high note this year with the success of Bird Box and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Both have spawned a ton of memes, but none of them touch the running "can't hear, can't speak, can't see" gag taking Twitter by storm.

Viewers noticed a theme shared by Bird Box and two other films, A Quiet Place and 2016's Hush. In the latter, a deaf woman unwillingly enters into a game of cat and mouse with a murderer, while A Quiet Place sees a family struggling to thwart monsters by staying completely silent. Meanwhile, The Entity driving people to mass suicide in Bird Box can only be avoided if you don't see it.

The "three wise monkeys" aspect of this accidental trilogy has spawned a ton of hilarious tweets from humorous users adding a "fourth" item to this list. Check out all the best iterations below.

1. Hammer. don't hurt em.

Source: Twitter

In this new movie, a family must battle for survival in a came of tag with a '90s rapper.

2. You'll surrender your heart.

Source: Twitter

The only way to make it to the closing credits is to dance on a bar for tips.

3. Graduations can be deadly

Source: Twitter

The killer is a stalker with an obsession with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kurt Vonnegut. He's got hair and he wears t-shirts... sometimes. 

4. You're strong, you're a Kelly Clarkson song, you got this.

Source: Twitter

Instead of getting attacked by a murderer or a monster, you get a makeover for your body... and your soul. 

5. thank u, next

Source: Twitter

She's got no tears left to cry and a thirst for blood...

6. Choose your own nightmare.

Source: Twitter

To be the final girl, you must make sure you pick the right path for Stefan. The catch? There is literally not a single path that ends well for Stefan. (But don't stress too much over which cereal.)

7. Hey, let's do "Get Help."

Source: Twitter

To survive Ragnarok, you must let your cooler sibling humiliate you repeatedly.

8. But I love it.

Source: Twitter

Spoiler: in this one, the monster turns out to be a metaphor for cocaine. 

9. For real, the series should have been about Hermione.

Source: Twitter

I'll never understand how those books were about a kid with glasses and a scar with a magician as awesome as Hermione around. 

10. Terrifyingly low in saturated fats.

Source: Twitter

Murder that high cholesterol.

11. Wait a minute... THIS is the Bad Place!

Source: Twitter

You think you're in heaven, but soon realize a lifetime of being unable to make a decision has doomed you to hell.

12. Hey now, you're an all-star.

Source: Twitter

The key to survival? Enduring irritatingly catchy '90s alternative pop-rock. 

I'm not gonna make it.

13. Terry loves yogurt!

Source: Twitter

I can't think of a scenario where yogurt saves your life but it can save your gut health!

14. Y'all gonna get no sleep cause of me.

Source: Twitter

Sorry, pans.

15. What, like it's hard?

Source: Twitter

Honestly, a bad perm is way scarier than all of these movies combined.

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