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Source: nbc

Here's How You Can Apply to Get on The Rock's New Show, 'The Titan Games'

By Mustafa Gatollari

Once word got out that The Rock would be hosting a new show on NBC, The Titan Games, tons of people threw in their applications for a chance to perform on nationally-broadcast television for The Great One himself.

After watching some footage of the first episode, however, I can safely say that although I'm a big fan of The Rock, I really don't envy what the competitors went through while on the program.

Physical challenge shows like Ninja Warrior, Pros vs Joes, and heck, even American Gladiators hold a special place in the heart of competitive TV-aficionados all over. The Titan Games not only continues that awesome tradition, but with a whole new head-to-head twist and a series of challenges and obstacles that Dwayne Johnson himself had a part in creating. The best/worst part? They're based off of the man's workouts.

So how does one apply to get on The Titan Games?

The Rock says that he developed the show to help highlight the extraordinary things that "everyday" people are capable of, by giving them a shot to compete on a huge, nationally-broadcast stage and showcase their athletic prowess. And when I saw athletic, I mean total athletic prowess. The way the challenges are set up on the show, it's not enough for someone to have physical weaknesses in any areas.