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Source: Facebook

See What Octavia Summar From 'My 600-lb Life' Looks Like Today!

By Anna Quintana

There's a whole new season of My 600-lb Life premiering on TLC — and Season 7 is following the weight loss journeys of 20 individuals who are determined to get healthier. 

Kicking off the season is Octavia Summar — a woman who has been bed-bound for a year, who finally decides to make the trip to Houston to seek medical treatment from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. 

"This is the way we've had to cope with life," Octavia explains in a trailer for the TLC series. "We got to change this. We don't have to keep doing what we doing. I want you to fight for you and I want me to fight for me. If we keep on doing the way that we're doing, we're not going to be here."