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Source: Getty / Twitter

Flawlessly Accented Celebs You Didn't Realize Weren't Born in the U.S. of A

By Pippa Raga

When Christian Bale won last night's Best Actor Golden Globe for his role in Vice, his recognition sent viewers into a Wikipedia mad dash to find out where the American Psycho star was really born. In addition to thanking Satan, Christian was heard expressing gratitude for "that geezer over there" and calling the group of actors he shared the room with "lucky buggers ... innit?" Which caused a lot of confusion among everyone who thought that the iconic Batman had been born in our country 'tis of thee. 

"I thought Christian Bale was doing a British accent to be funny and boy was it making me mad!!" wrote one fan on Twitter who quickly turned to the internet for receipts. When American viewers learned that Christian (né Christian Charles Philip) was born in Wales, the news sent them into a tailspin. 

"I constantly forget that Christian Bale’s real accent sounds like a cartoon chimney sweep," wrote one dejected fan. British viewers, on the other hand, couldn't believe everyone's lapses in memory and found it hard to believe his accent was the reason the celebrity was trending.

"Is very famous and very British actor Christian Bale trending because people didn't know the very famous British actor was British? Or because he compared Dick Cheney to Satan?" wrote one curious British lad.