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Source: Getty Images, Twitter

11 Times People Dunked on Piers Morgan


British TV host Piers Morgan is one of those personalities that thrives on negative attention. The more you fight him, the more powerful he grows. His curmudgeonly attitude and propensity for unpopular hot takes nobody was waiting to hear has made him more famous for being hated than anything else. In fact, you're probably scratching your head wondering why he's even famous. Good question — nobody knows! 

He'd certainly fade into obscurity if people would stop feeding the troll, but the problem is, it seems like such fun. Everyone has had a go, from Ariana Grande to Pizza Hut. 

So while I know I risk making him even more famous and powerful by even doing this, here are some of the best and most savage takedowns of Piers Morgan on the internet to date.

1. Ariana Grande

Source: Twitter

This third-degree burn from Ariana came on the heels of Piers coming first for Ellen DeGeneres and girl group Little Mix for reasons nobody quite understands. Ariana's mom Joan chimed in on Twitter asking, "Honestly what is wrong with you @piersmorgan? Didn’t your mother ever teach you, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it! You came for @TheEllenShow yesterday which was disgraceful, she is an angel. @LittleMix today, did you ever hear of paying homage?"

In response, Piers said, "Hi Joan, my mother taught me to speak my mind & never be afraid to express honestly held opinion.  Ellen's a hypocrite - and as for Little Mix, I'd just prefer they use their talent to sell records rather than their nudity.  As your own daughter does...!" 

Ari then showed what her mother taught her about being an absolute boss.