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Source: Fox

Update: The Bee on 'Masked Singer' Is Definitely NOT Serena Williams

By Amber Garrett

Update (2/27/2019): Confirmed! Gladys Knight, third runner up in the competition, was revealed to be the voice behind The Bee.

 People got thrown for a loop when early clues hinted that the Bee on The Masked Singer had some association with tennis. People were convinced Serena Williams was coming to showcase her hidden talents. However, after seeing The Bee perform and her expanded clue package, we're prepared to fully take the tennis phenom off the table.

What's more, we're prepared to make a call on the identity of this singer. Here are the clues we got last night.

To a Motown-style soundtrack, a Southern voice drawls that we can call her Queen Bee, but Empress also suits her. 

She also establishes that she has had a long career but wants to expose her talents to a new generation.