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Source: Getty Images

12 Former Teen Heartthrobs Reveal Their Celebrity Crushes


Look, it's OK to admit that, at one point, you may have had a picture of Chad Michael Murray or Milo Ventimiglia hanging up in your locker. But the big question is, what celebrity did they hang up in their (mostly metaphorical) lockers? Below, find out which stars made your celebrity teen crushes swoon. Who did Britney Spears fancy? 

1. Chad Michael Murray had a crush on Madonna.

Source: Getty Images

The One Tree Hill heartthrob had serious feelings for Madonna. “I remember, I was a little boy and...oh, I can’t tell this story exactly the way I want to tell it,” Chad shared on an interview with Young Hollywood. “But let’s just say I realized, I was like, ‘what? Huh. That was different.’” At this point the actor looks not-so-discreetly down. “If you get my drift. So inappropriate.”

And the movie that really set him off? Dick Tracy. No, really.