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Source: Getty Images

Celebrities With a Near-Secret Twin, Because They Can't All Be Sprouses and Olsens


On paper, it sounds like a bummer to be a celebrity’s twin. Unless you have a Mary-Kate and Ashley or Dylan and Cole thing going on, you’d think that the less-famous sibling would have complex upon complex. Turns out, though, some of these secret twins actually lead fascinating lives of their own! Below, celebrities who have a twin you never knew about.

1. Rami Malek and Sami Malek

Source: Getty Images

RAMI AND SAMI, how cute is this? Yup, the Bohemian Rhapsody star has a lookalike brother, and they used to make mischief, in the grand tradition of identical twindom. See, Sami is a teacher at a Los Angeles university, and one time, Sami asked Rami to perform a classic monologue for a Greek tragedy in his stead.

"So I make it to the lecture hall, [the professor] pulls me in the class, she goes, 'Hey, are you ready to do this?' I go, 'Yeah I'm gonna get my points and we're gonna make this happen,'" Rami relayed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. "And I deliver this monologue in front of the entire lecture hall and I get a few applause, people dig it. And I think she starts looking at me kind of accusatorily like, 'Where the hell did you come up with that?'"

A Golden Globe-winning performance, I’m sure.