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Source: Facebook

'Diva Brides' Update: Verity Is Not Only Still Married... She's a Mum!


If you were worried U.S. shows like Bridezillas are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find ridiculous brides to profile — well, first of all, fat chance. But even if we run out of crazy wifeys-to-be on this side of the pong, the U.K. has a fresh supply on your new Netflix obsession, Diva Brides, which originally aired in the UK as Badass Brides.

The first episode to hit our streams featured Verity, a "part-time glamour model" who proudly owned the "diva" moniker. Diva Brides taped in 2017, so we were curious where Verity is now.

First, let's recap her episode:

Verity and Ash had a whirlwind romance in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, where Ash is stationed. He proposed two months into their relationship with four months to plan their wedding. She spent most of that time bidding for multiple wedding dresses on eBay.