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Source: instagram

Costco's Selling "Wraps" That Basically Replace Sandwich Bread With Cheese

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you've ever tried a low-carb diet before, you're probably familiar with and largely disappointed by low-carb wraps. They're flimsy, super rippable, and usually taste like cardboard. Some aren't bad —maybe you've tried those lavash wraps that, while I personally love, others seem to like.

If you've tried going the keto route, you've probably also tried packing all of your deli meats into some crisp lettuce or cabbage, but that becomes a mess to eat after a while. Not only that, but it completely changes the entire structure of the sandwich.

Not to sound like a QVC salesman or anything, but what if I told you that there was a better way — especially if you love yourself some cheese? Well, a company by the name of Folios Cheese Wraps have created these giant slabs of thin cheese that perform the same function as a wrap. That's right, all you keto-pees and resolutioners out there: you can have a delicious wrap and still stick to your diet goals.