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Source: Twitter

Costco Is Discontinuing A Classic Food Court Offering And The Internet Is Freaking Out

By Cristina Manas

I’ve dished on Costco’s glorious culinary offerings before, so it truly pains me to report that one of their classic food court snacks will soon be leaving us forever; R.I.P. Polish hot dog. 

Costco announced they will be discontinuing the popular menu item to make way for new, healthier ones, including vegan options, according to Business Insider. It’s true that their food court feels stuck in the 90s (typically the only healthy-ish option is a chicken Caesar Salad), but that’s part of its charm. Eating there conjures up middle school memories of devouring greasy, cheesy fried food at the mall with your friends. 

 Many people seem to be taking this change very personally: