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The 20 Strangest Sentences in the English Language


The English language is incredibly confusing and undeniably complex. Anyone who has studied more than one language can attest that English is not the easiest to understand at times — and these strange sentences are proof that words can take on different meanings depending on simple things like commas, words with multiple meanings, and which word is emphasized. Just ask someone who is trying to learn the English language for the first time. 

However, that is also why English is the coolest and craziest language at the same time. 

1. I never said she stole my money.

This fun sentence takes on seven different meanings depending on which word is emphasized: 

[I] never said she stole my money. — Someone else said it. 

I [never] said she stole my money. — I didn't say it. 

I never [said] she stole my money. — I only implied it. 

I never said [she] stole my money. — I said someone did, not necessarily her. 

I never said she [stole] my money. — I considered it borrowed. 

I never said she stole [my] money. — Only that she stole money,  not necessarily my own. 

I never said she stole my [money]. — She stole something of mine, not my money. 

While this trick works for plenty of other sentences as well, this one’s short and easy to understand.