Nearly Half Your Coworkers Masturbate While On The Job And They're More Productive

Survey finds that almost 40% of people masturbate at their jobs, and we're not sure what to think.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:23 p.m. ET

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There's nothing wrong with masturbation. It's a healthy way of relieving built up sexual tension that results in zero STDs, births, or awkward goodbyes. Obviously, like anything it can become an addiction, but it's perfectly normal in healthy amounts.

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However, when and where you masturbate is probably as important that you masturbate and recent studies show that people aren't really picking the best locations for their stroke sessions.

Because it turns out that almost 40% of people masturbate while they're on the clock.

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In a survey conducted by Time Out New York, 39 percent of office workers outright admitted to getting their self-freak on while at work. 

One man who participated said, "I can masturbate rather quietly." Another revealed, "If you get on a sex app like Grindr, and you have guys asking you to take naughty pictures and telling you what they want to do to you, it tends to…distract you."

Here's the thing though, it isn't just men who did the deed, but women conceded the fact that they masturbated on the job as well.

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One anonymous female who took part in the survey said that it helps to relieve her when she's feeling "hungover." Another admitted, "I’m just a horny lady."

And although it might seem kinda gross, it turns out that beating your meat or playing the clam xylophone on company time could have a lot of benefits according to experts.

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University of Michigan researchers discovered that regular masturbation results in lowered cortisol by boosting endorphins and hormones.

The study also found that women who occasionally partook in pleasing themselves possessed a higher level of self-confidence than women who didn't.

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He says employees should use it as a healthy motivational tool for completing one's daily tasks.

Maybe don't use the bathroom that's on the same floor as his office if you're ever at that school.

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