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These Breathtaking Photos Show The Hidden Beauty Of City Life

These Breathtaking Photos Show The Hidden Beauty Of City Life
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Updated 1 year ago

As someone who grew up basically in the woods and now lives in a city, I've noticed that people generally seem to think the countryside is the most beautiful landscape. It is a place where people go when they need to escape the dirt and the grayscale of the city. 

While I suppose I agree with part of that, I think the idea that cities cannot be beautiful is just plain wrong. Sure, there can be debris and garbage littering the place, but if you know where to look, you can find sights that don't exist anywhere else in  the world.

Don't believe me? Oh, ye of little faith. 

Bad weather. Nice city.
Seems efficient.
Seems like a good place to go to school.
Don't have buildings like this is the suburbs, right?
How is this all one city?!
Green light district.
Are all cities more beautiful in the rain?
Can you see where the city limits are?
Even small cities look great, too.
Orange and grey makes for a good color scheme.
All hail the king building.
For that more classic vibe...
That might be a McDonald's. I'm not sure.
Who knew Amsterdam looked like this?
I could see why Ferris would want to spend his day off here.
How can a place like this still exist?
LA has everything, huh?
Look at those shadows!
It's like a fairy tale!
One of these buildings is not like the other...
These city planners knew what they were doing.
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RecircFYI23 People Who Stumbled On Hidden Notes Completely By Accident

Finding a handwritten note pressed between the pages of a book, or in the pocket of some secondhand clothing you purchased, or tucked away in some part of a house you recently moved into, is almost always an exciting find. The fact that someone took time to pen their thoughts and feelings down and then hide them away is super cool. It gives you a personal look into someone's thoughts, especially if it's a note that wasn't intended to be read by anyone else.

It's even better when the note is a blast from the past, because then you're getting some legit first-hand history from an actual person, not some lame lecture on the Louisiana Purchase or news articles on the first World War.

Maybe it's because so few people actually write anything by hand anymore, but even finding notes written just the other day feels special. Sure it's a bit voyeuristic to read a note meant for someone else, but, hey, if they didn't want someone reading it, maybe they shouldn't have written it down in the first place. 

Whatever, I refuse to feel bad for looking at found notes.

By Mustafa Gatollari
7 days ago