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31 Strangely Satisfying Photos That Will Put Your Mind At Ease



There are some images that you can't get out of your head...and not because they're so shocking or disgusting. Sure, we've all seen some gross stuff during the early days of the web and wish we could take something to our cerebellums and scrape them clean, but I'm talking about images that are so satisfying, that they calm you or brighten your day.

1. Like these two blobs of paint.

There's just something about symmetry that our minds love.

2. Like this hotel.

It seems kinda dumb for it to have so many windows and arches, but that symmetry gets your mind "oohing" and "aahing" before you even realize you're doing it.

3. Same for these fields of tulips.

Ahh! What glory, what beauty, what spring!

4. Airplane in the raindrops.

Wow. This is epic. Who says there isn't beauty left in this world? Whatever's going on with the rest of the planet, at least we have these.

5. Snow cake with a cherry on top.

6. Or this never ending cube drop.

7. Or this fish tub transportation system.

8. Watch this man's insulation rise and feel instantly relaxed.

9. Whatever the heck this contraption is.

10. Behold, the alignment.

11. This ice being blasted away.

12. This cheese display.

13. Whatever's causing this juice to glow.

14. This floor.

15. This machine that perfectly collates paper.

16. The infinite paper plane set up.

17. Watching this ink make its way down.

18. This trip-fest.

19. This architecture.

20. This wire wrapping technique.

21. The world's best loading screen.

22. Rainbow mixing.

23. This metal animation.

24. This multi-directional door handle.

25. The marbling on this.

26. This slick weave.

27. This perfect aisle.

28. Circle cat.

29. Cutting the cheese.

30. This reflection that looks like a dreamy painting.

31. This impeccable penmanship.

So, so satisfying.

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