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These Are the Weirdest Things Americans Do, According to People in Other Countries


It probably doesn't require a great deal of self-reflection to wrap your mind around the idea that America is a really strange place. If you grew up around immigrants or in an even slightly heterogenous community, you've probably picked up on some totally American norms people from other parts of the world look at with disgust.

When I was growing up, one of the small things I took for granted, being born and raised here, was the strangeness of meal-accompanying beverages my mother always sought to point out. She mentioned early on how turned off she was by her college roommate's desire for a Diet Coke with breakfast, and she was equally perplexed by the glass of milk the same woman enjoyed every evening with dinner.

So when people took to reddit to ask people from other countries what they found mind-blogging about American practices, the results did not disappoint. Read on to have your mind blown about our strange cultural practices, and to rethink 14 everyday norms you definitely take for granted.

1. They don't see the big deal with drinking in public.

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Between open container citations and public intoxication laws, it's definitely illegal — if not grossly frowned upon by your prudent friends who aren't trying to get dragged into your antics — to drink alcohol in public in America. 

But to people in the rest of the world, this concept is incredibly strange. When answering the question of what American norms are viewed differently in Japan, AsakiYumemiru didn't see the logic behind "drinking alcohol in public being a huge deal."

A Western redditor who frequently travels to Asia for work countered this observation by mentioning how "blown away" they were by the "level of midweek drunkenness among over-30 respectable business men and women" that goes on in Japan. 

"You can drink beer like that in Germany!" added a European redditor. Having lived in Germany, I can vouch for the fact that even the public drinking there is carried out efficiently. "People leave their bottles beside trash cans so that people that scavenge them for recycling don't have to dig through the trash instead. 10/10 respect," writes Zerole00