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17 Mechanics Reveal Common Scams Auto Shops Try to Pull


It's the oldest trick in the book: an unscrupulous mechanic or auto-body shop takes advantage of your woeful lack of knowledge about the way your vehicle operates and charges you an exorbitant amount for an easy fix.

Or even worse, they never even do that easy fix, take your money, and your car is stuck with the same problem that's been plaguing you for the past few weeks. So you bring your car back and receive yet another charge for another problem.

You keep dumping money into the vehicle with nothing to show for it except an empty bank account and no reliable whip to drive around town. But thanks to the evolution of the internet, finding out what's wrong with your vehicle is a little easier than it was before. That doesn't mean mechanics still won't try to rip you off, but you can help stay ahead of the curve by listening to the advice in this handy-dandy AskReddit thread.

1. Print this out to keep in your car.

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Get multiple quotes, make sure the diagnosis is correct. I replaced an O2 sensor for a friend ($25), Pep Boy's told her she needed a new catalytic convertor ($1,200) [rats]. Word of mouth is still critical on this subject, when you find a honest wrench, you tell other people about that individual. Nearly EVERY car has an enthusiast blog, even models you think wouldn't. If you register free and spend a little time there, you will find not only mechanics who give excellent advice but others like yourself who have corrected problems, posted photos and elaborated on what didn't work or was a misdiagnosis. The weak points of a car are unearthed on these free blogs and if you navigate them carefully you can glean a wealth of information. Lastly, these enthusiasts will tell you who is honest where you live and share their experiences in repair pursuits.

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