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Make-A-Wish Recipients Describe What the Experience Is Like


Most of us have heard of Make-a-Wish Foundation, the non-profit organization that arranges special experiences for children with critical illnesses. We've seen the kids on TV, meeting and greeting their favorite celebrities, and we've seen them in line for amusement park rides, especially at Disney World, where Wish Kids even have their own resort called Give Kids the World.

But have you ever wondered what it's like for kids to choose their adventures and get sent on these unforgettable excursions? Because children's conditions don't need to be terminal to catch the attention of the foundation, several people who went through the program as children share what their experiences were like.

A recent thread on reddit had people talking about their own memories of Make-a-Wish. If you've ever been curious what goes on behind the scenes of the foundation, read on for 16 stories of Wish Kids who've been through the program.

1. So, Will Clark is canceled.

Source: MLB
When my brother was a kid, his hero was first baseman Will Clark. He loved him and wanted to grow up to play first base for the Giants. My dad took him to a game when he was like 8 years old, and some reporter asked my brother if he’d like to meet Will Clark and get his hero’s autograph. My brother was floored. He literally had tears of joy.
When my brother went down with the reporter to meet his hero, Will Clark told the reporter point blank, “I don’t have f(#*$@ time for kids.” My brother’s tears of joy became tears of devastation. He basically cried into his baseball glove and was inconsolable.
Out of the blue, a bullpen catcher for the Giants (I don’t even know his name) raced up to my brother and said, “I have time! Where’s your ball kid?” He signed everything and talked to my brother up until the game started. That was the day my brother decided that he wanted to be a catcher. He went on to get drafted as a catcher out of high school.

- awh24