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Source: HGTV

What It's Really Like to Trust HGTV With Renovating Your House


There's something so satisfying about watching an entire house get a makeover on HGTV. Although there's always reality TV-produced drama ("We have to replace your HVAC system so we can't get you the claw-foot tub!"), the show always ends with a gorgeously renovated home that could put the most top-rated Airbnb to shame. 

But considering there's always fakery involved with these shows — after all, House Hunters is a show about people looking at homes they already own — what's the lowdown on renovation shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers? Does HGTV fix up the entire house? Do the couples pay for the remodel? Do they get to keep all that rustic/farmhouse furniture? 

Although having a TV show fix up your house is a good way to save money on renovations, there are a few downsides...

1. It'll be shot out of sequence.

Source: HGTV

If you're one of the lucky few to get a call from producers saying they want to shoot an episode of Fixer Upper or Love It or List It with you, be prepared to deal with the not-so-real side of reality TV. You might be asked to pretend you're meeting the hosts for the first time even though you might've met them weeks earlier or, even worse, wear spring clothes when it's actually winter.

"The day they came to shoot all this exterior stuff and to interview me, it started snowing in the front yard," Cenate Pruit told The A.V. Club about his time appearing on Curb Appeal. "They asked us to dress 'spring-y'—'Wear something short-sleeved, because we’re going to be filming this in spring.' So I’m out there in a polo shirt and jeans and it starts fricking snowing. So every time the cameras weren’t on us, we were running to get jackets and huddling with each other."