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Source: wayne stadler | flickr

18 Creepy Abandoned Hotels and the Tales of Their Demise


Nothing lasts forever. This is a fact of life that pisses us off since birth. Why the heck else do you think babies are crying right out the womb? They're angry because they know they've only got a finite amount of time to get to living.

When a human being's time is up, they're (hopefully) buried in the ground and mourned by a few people before becoming worm food. For physical structures, it's not quite as simple. In a bustling city center, abandoned buildings are usually repurposed or demolished and replaced. But for destination spots, like resorts or hotels in the middle of nowhere or a place that soon became a "middle of nowhere" due to whatever circumstances, their permanence makes them a corporeal ghost.

They become hollow and scary reminders about the impermanence of life, like these 18 abandoned hotels that are just downright creepy. 

Kozubnik — Poland

Source: wikimedia commons

For some people, there's nothing creepier than Eastern Bloc communism, and the Kozubnik resort and hotel embodies just that: it was a Communist party holiday resort built in the 1960s. It's surrounded by a huge forest.