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9 Psychology Hacks That Will Help You Get Your Way Without Making Enemies


Dealing with coworkers, family or friends — let's face it, dealing with people — is no walk in the park. Whether you're terrible at confrontation or need to find a way to shut down your kid's incessant "why"s, people on reddit have been sharing effective psychological tricks that'll help you get your way, while making the other person feel like you're cheering them on all along. 

Read on for some mind-control hacks that are so useful in day-to-day life, we wonder why they don't teach them in kindergarten.

1. Dealing with incessantly chatty coworkers.

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Anyone who works in an office knows that one chatty coworker who takes any chance they can get to post up at your desk and never leave you alone. If you need to work, or just want to get back to Gchatting and Solitaire and minding your own business, get up and refill your water bottle while they're talking to you. You can even throw in a "Walk with me?" for extra good measure.

Then, instead of going back to your desk, walk them to theirs. Once you reach their desk, they'll instinctively sit down. Then you can neatly end the conversation and get back to doing whatever you want to be doing.