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Source: Instagram

A Selfie Caused This Popular Makeup Community on Reddit to Self-Destruct

By Anna Quintana

Members of one of the most popular beauty subreddits are still unable to post any new content after the moderators of r/MakeupAddiction banned themselves — without seemingly thinking of the longterm repercussions. 

Now, the moderators are hard at work trying to fix the situation since the ban was initiated on Tuesday morning, leaving 1 million subscribers in suspense. 

So, what happened to r/MakeupAddiction? 

It all started when user kbuoy, whose real name is Katy, called out another user, anne-of-avonlea, for posting fake selfies. She alerted the moderators of r/MakeupAddiction that anne-of-avonlea had posted "selfies" of different people in the past.