Jeffree Star's Fans Don't Know How to Feel About His Bhad Bhabie Makeup Review



When it comes to cosmetics reviews, there are fewer names bigger than YouTuber Jeffree Star. And when it comes to annoying kids on the Dr. Phil show who don affected accents and personalities in an attempt to appear hard, there are fewer kids more popular than "Cash me Ousside, How 'Bout Dat?" girl.

Danielle Bregoli's viral fame morphed into a type of fame-for-fame's sake phenomenon that could only exist in today's social media climate. People at first poked fun at a delusional little runt who got on her mom's nerves, and then said little runt capitalized on the fame to make "money moves." And those moves included attempts at creating un-enthusiastic hip-hop tracks, leveraging a growing social media presence, and now, selling makeup products. Oh, and she's rebranded herself as Bhad Bhabie.

And while Bhad Bhabie looks like every girl I've seen starting fights in the stands at an Islanders game, for some reason, CopyCat Beauty paid her $900,000 for a six-month contract to be a spokesperson for their brand.

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If you're not familiar with CopyCat Beauty's line of products, they're based on a simple premise: selling the same kind of high-quality products that over-the-top-expensive brands pimp to consumers. A sentiment  that Bhad Bhabie elegantly expressed in a promotional video:

"I got a lot of money but, b---h, why would I want to spend it on expensive-ass makeup when I can get the same s--t for cheaper?" 

Honestly, she makes a good point.

Naturally, people were interested in seeing what the internet's resident makeup maven reviewer would have to say about Bhad Bhabie's makeup line. Tons of Jeffree's fans were expecting him to absolutely eviscerate the products. How could they possibly be any good? They're being endorsed by someone who got popular by throwing a tantrum on a self-help show.

Well, Jeffree uploaded his review and, it wasn't exactly what people expected.

While he didn't like the mattes or palettes in the collection, he did give his stamp of approval for the lip gloss, the blush palette, and the liquid eye shadows. Jeffree's known for his integrity in his reviews, so it's safe to say that he actually did like what he saw when he tried them out.

That being said, people weren't exactly ecstatic with the fact he didn't trash Bhad Bhabie, or invite the young woman into his home.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter
Source: twitter

People were claiming that JStar "went easy" on Bhad Bhabie's brand and many said that they were "let down" by his review. Others pointed out that Jeffree was more critical of products with a similar quality. Granted, it is difficult to feel makeup on one's body when someone else is reviewing it on YouTube.

Others, however, appreciated Jeffree's honesty and through that he gave Bhad Bhabie's CopyCat line a fair shake.

Source: twitter
Source: twitter

Jeffree's review of Bhad Bhabie's makeup started the rumor mill churning: was this young girl the new artist he was recording a song with? The YouTuber dropped a not-so-subtle hint on Twitter recently that he was working on a track with an A-List artist.

That rumor was quickly put to bed when it was pointed out that Jeffree also mentioned they won multiple Grammys.

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Although fans have their different predictions as to who it could be, it should be pointed out that Jeffree's been liking a lot of the things Cardi B's been posting and following her presence online. Cardi, however, has only been nominated for a bunch of Grammy's, but doesn't have any to her name.

The announcement of this upcoming song marks 10 years since Jeffree collaborated with Nicki Minaj for the track, "Lollipop Luxury." 

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