20 Of The Hardest Would You Rathers


Nov. 19 2020, Updated 9:58 p.m. ET

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I used to share an office with 11 other people and one of my favorite things to do was ask them “Would you rather…” questions. It was hardly professional and everyone hated me for it, but it did not deter me from doing this. 

I would ask my co-worker if she would rather have the head of a dog or the body of a dog. Do you know what she would say? “Leave me alone. I have work to do.” So clearly she would rather have the body of a dog which is insane to me.  

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What is the point of this?

 You have super strength but no arms OR super speed but no legs. 

Sweet deal either way

 Would you rather be a supermodel or date a supermodel? 
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No. Don't thank Geoff.

Your mom and SO switch bodies, and the only way to switch them back is to bang one of them. Would you rather bang your SO in your mom’s body, or your mom in your SO’s body? Thank Geoff for this one. 

Whatever. It happens either way.

Would you rather know how you’re going to die or when you’re going to die? 
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Too real

Everything is awful

 Teeth for Pubes or Pubes for Teeth? 
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I don't understand this one but I know I hate it

You wake up to discover you are halfway inside your mother while your father is also halfway inside you. Do you back up or push forward to escape? 

This is a great metal album cover

Would you rather die in lava or drown.
Both are horrible ways to die in my opinion. 
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Why are you doing this to me?

Forced to choose from one or the other, do you watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of their lives OR do you join in once and never have to deal with the situation ever again? 

Oh. This one is actually nice.

 Would you rather speak every language fluently, or play every instrument beautifully? 
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Oh. We're being gross again. Okay.

You are a globally beloved philanthropist billionaire, but everyone is a wizard except you. Or, you are an all powerful sorcerer, but once a day you shit out of your mouth, and everyone knows and makes fun of you constantly regardless of how you punish them with magic. 

Wait. Is this not the case for everyone?

Would you rather have penises for fingers or vaginas for ears? 
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Um. Uh. I can't decide.

you are drinking beer with Harrison Ford in 1973..he has 2 scripts in his hand and asks YOU which gig he should take because he can only do one….Star Wars or Raiders of the lost ark…choose wisely 


 Would you rather eat chocolate flavored poop or poop flavored chocolate? 
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How about both? What say you?

got this from an earlier thread, would you rather have a dick sized nipple or a nipple sized dick 

40,000 gallons is a lot but a ninja star...

FINALLY I have been waiting for this moment, this has been long debated amongst my friends. Would you rather poop 40,000 gallons of mayonnaise or poop out a ninja star? 
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All the cringes

would you rather put a toothpick under your toenail and violently kick a wall , or jump into a pool of lemonade while covered in papercuts and stay in for two minutes? 

Well, what does the goat look like?

Would you rather bang a goat and have nobody know about it?
Or not bang the goat and have everyone think you done it. 
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Would you rather take a fishhook through the eye and then have have to take it out, or swallow it and then have to take it out? 

Wait. What?

Would you rather read this post last week, this week or next week? 


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