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This Street Performer's Skin Is So Sticky It Acts Like An Actual Suction Cup

By Zachary Brenner

Human mutation is a fascinating thing. It has given us the ability to speak, walk upright, and use our opposable thumbs. If Jamie Keeton is any indication soon we will all have very sticky skin.

Keeton is a Chicago-based street performer. He has an incredibly rare blood type which, among other things, causes his skin to act like a suction cup. He can put small items, like cans and iPhones, on his skin and have them stay there until he chooses to release them. 

Originally he thought the stickiness came from pine sap after climbing so many trees. When he learned it was a genetic condition he tried to hide his gift but that all changed after seeing the X-Men movies. He felt a kinship with the X-Men and took their message to heart when they said no one should have to hide who they really are. Now he travels the world performing tricks and helping brands promote their products which sounds like a pretty good gig.

He isn't too worried about other performers stealing his act either. He claims that there are only four people in the world with skin like his so unless the X-Men do end up recruiting him it looks like Keeton has pretty solid job security. 

So keep doing your thing, Jamie, and when Magneto attacks, we will know who to call.