25 People Who Think They're Too Smart For Their Own Good



I used to think that I was a smart person. I believed that was a unfulfilled genius whose intelligence could not be matched. However, I recently realized that I was wrong when I had to look up how to spell "unfulfilled," "genius," and "intelligence."  

It was a hard lesson to learn, but frankly, I am happier now that I know I am a fool. No longer do I have to maintain an illusion of grand intelligence, nor do I feel the need to show off to strangers. I can live my days as a happy fool and no one will judge me for it.

I just hope more people learn this lesson and follow my lead. 

Spoiler alert: It did not get down-voted to hell.

Probably not.

Work harder to impress me, OK?

I don't have a master's, but I could get one, and don't you dare question that.

I think you should end that sentence after the word "woman."

Witness my smarts!

They ended up not going out, surprising no one.

Sounds believable, right?

You should be learning about ancient aliens.

Re-elect this guy, please?

It is everyone's fault but my own, clearly.

His biggest weakness is that he is a perfectionist, duh.

I'm smart. I just don't act like it.

Yeah, I'm sure your intelligence is the reason you are lonely..


I have a very high reading comprehension score. That's why I didn't know what country we were talking about.

This has a very satisfying ending

Seems like it would make for a horrifying debate...

He seemed nice, I guess?

How much a jerk do you need to be for NASA to scold you?!

No one would ever want to fund a cure for everything.

You're welcome, you idiot.

I'm sure you will!

The fact that you posted this prove it to be untrue...

Stop trying to have fun!

Hopefully this people will follow in my footsteps.... Eventually.

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