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The Wild Reasons Students Were Kicked Out Of Class Will Make You Shake Your Head

The Wild Reasons Students Were Kicked Out Of Class Will Make You Shake Your Head
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1 year ago

One of the things I think we can all agree on about education in America is that the classroom is sometimes a boring space. You can't really blame children for trying to lighten the mood, nor can you blame teachers for trying to maintain order in the classroom. I completely understand why sometimes a teacher would think that removing a student would be the best thing for the class at large.

That being said, sometimes justice gets it wrong. Maybe I am being overly sensitive here, but I don't think sneezing in class is grounds for removal. Sometimes people sneeze and you know what, that's fine. It's not like they coughed which, again, I'm okay with but some educators seem to disagree. What do you think?

Looks like you dodged a bullet there.
In HS, the girl behind me tried to get my attention by poking me in the ribs. I'm extremely ticklish... Once she realized this, she would tickle me randomly. One day the teacher was explaining something, and she started tickling me. I got kicked out for being distracting. I went back after class to talk to the teacher about it, and she tells me, "You're distracting to her, and that distraction is distracting other students. It's obvious that she likes you, just ask her out already so she stops touching you in my class."
EDIT: I did not. I had a girlfriend at the time that was prettier. We (gf) ended up together for 2 years of HS, off for a bit, a year in college, off again, then again for a while after college. I ran into the girl from Spanish class almost ten years ago at the movies... her husband had face tattoos.


In case you are wondering, the friend turned out fine.
I know your teacher is a jerk, so we are good here.
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