You Won't Be Able To Look Away From The World's Most Confusing Billboards



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Last summer I was walking through Times Square, got distracted by a billboard with a pretty lady on it, and nearly walked directly into onto coming traffic. This could have happened to anyone, so my question here is: who was at fault?

Was it the pretty lady on the billboard for distracting me? Was it the ad agency who encouraged me to be distracted? Was it the driver who did not consider my distraction? I have to blame someone else because it clearly wasn't my fault.

To give credit where credit is due, the fact that I nearly walked into traffic shows that this was a well-designed billboard. I wouldn't have done that for just any billboard. So, I guess what I am saying is that I blame the ad agency for doing their jobs too well because, again, this was in no way my fault.

So take note, ad agency. For the safety of idiots everywhere, please make your billboard worse. You know, like these examples.

You could have picked any news story...

Did no one think to measure this?

I don't think you know what your product is?

Are those people the numbers?

Sometimes less is more.

I had to read this five times before I realized it didn't say "Bland."


Are stop signs dangerous?

Not every golf course has great balls...

You're not helping.

I can guarantee we won't use the word you want.

This is entrapment!

Do you even know how to capitalize?

How many creepy things can you find here?

This took a turn.



She seems afraid. Is she okay?

I'm confused.

How did you screw this up?

Here's a tip. Get everything in frame!

This feels like a scam...

That's a weird choice.

That blade would cut the sail which I guess is pretty extreme?

Cool. Glad to know Snapchat still exists.

Don't think "fun" is the word I would have used.

Who knew cancer was a verb?

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