People Share Their Biggest Scandals From High School And They're Pretty TV-Show Worthy

These people are dishing on the biggest and craziest scandals that ever rocked their High Schools.


Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:24 p.m. ET


My junior year of high school I overheard a rumor that one of the seniors and one of the teachers were planning on having sex with each other. Well, it wasn't exactly a rumor that I overheard. They spoke about this directly in front of me, and pretty much everyone else in the student body. 

Their plan was to wait until after she graduated so it wouldn't be a scandal, which is wrong for two reasons. One, he was married with two kids and two, all the other reasons. This story seems tame in comparison to these Reddit scandals:

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Yeah, I could see how this would be a scandal.

That teacher does not get paid enough to deal with this.

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Oh. So she was crazy. Okay.

The girl who said her boyfriend knocked her up and got the whole school (kinda small town) to support her for being a teen mom... only for my yearbook staff and I to expose her pregnancy as fake after she gave birth to her "baby girl." We were skeptical, because she was rail thin most of the pregnancy (until she had to leave school and go on "bed rest) and her ex-bf swore he didn't have sex with her. So, one day, we reverse google image searched her baby picture and it belonged to a premature baby boy from 3 years ago that some mom posted on her blog.
This girl went even as far to SOMEHOW stage pictures in a hospital or a place that looked like a hospital, holding a fake pink bundle of nothing. Once word spread that her pregnancy was fake, she freaked out and created fake Facebook profiles of her parents and started using those accounts to harass everyone that was coming at her. She eventually pulled out of school and disappeared forever. For the next two years everyone kept speculating where she went. If I remember correctly, people searched around for her online bc she was a "model" in high school and found she moved to the next state over. But by then, everyone didn't care.


What a waste...

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Let her come! Let her come!

A guy from my high school couldn't find a prom date and got rejected multiple times so he sent out a mass email to over a hundred porn stars and asked them to prom. Two of them said yes. The school district had to have a meeting and eventually a court case on whether or not it was alright to have a porn star at a high school prom. They eventually told the guy no and he responded by throwing his own prom. What's funny is that pornhub actually sponsored the event and paid for the pornstar to fly to the area where he lived.


How did you figure this out?

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But the kid had it coming!

You went to a very sexy school.

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This is one way to break off an engagement.

A teacher sexually harassed and assaulted a couple girls by lowering their grades if they didn't send pics or have sex etc... So they went to the counselor and told her what was happening, and she didn't do anything about it for two years and then the counselor finally said something to the administration and the law was called, a couple hours later after school was finished for the year, he was arrested and the counselor was fired for not reporting it when it first happened. After he was arrested a couple other girls said that he did it to them too. The thing was is he was engaged and supposed to get married a couple weeks after he got arrested.


Stop throwing things!

Some kid threw a dildo on the ground during a lacrosse game.
Also one kid threw a lobster on the ground during a hockey game. It died instantly.
A turkey fell to death out the window of a classroom.


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You know, normal stuff.

That is quite the stat.

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This makes me sad.

They'll never catch us!

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Spanish teachers are such bullies.

A Spanish teacher locked two Bio teachers in a closet with the intent to leave them there over spring break. Edit: I mean winter break. I'm tired.
Seven pregnancies in one year in one grade, four from the same dude.
Girl wrote a messed up story about Empress Theodora of Byzantine being raped by Caesar and succumbing to the Black Death. And submitted it as a history essay. And it was hung on the wall. On the night of several open-houses.


This is our claim to fame.

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Yeah, we went to school with the Hulk.


I went to an upscale private school, and there was an annual parking lot arrest for large-scale cocaine dealing. Three out of the four while I was in high school were people from my grade. The formula was pretty consistent, around 10am the cops would show up at the school. The kid would get quietly called down to the office, always during class to minimize the number of people who were in the hallways to see. But you really can't walk a kid in handcuffs out of a high school without people noticing. The next day one of the kid's neighbors would tell everyone about how big the police presence at the kid's house was. One time there were helicopters, but usually just a handful of police cars. Usually happened in the Spring.


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Jesus hung out with prostitutes, didn't he?

Something tells me this didn't happen in only Germany.

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Did the school administration ever do anything?

Oh man. Finally I can tell about my school! It's a boarding school, and like most boarding schools in the US it's not amazing. We've had a lot of things go wrong, some bigger some smaller, but here goes with a few I guess...
In chronological order, the first one would be when the Admissions guy was screwing a 16 year old guy at school. We all knew for months, and the school actually warned the guy like 3 times before really getting him in trouble. By trouble, I mean just making him leave. Looking back they should've handled the situation completely differently.
Another time, there was a kid who everyone knew had some severe mental challenges (let's call him Kid A). He was pretty weird, but never rude so everyone treated him as equal and tried to be nice to him. Everyone besides his roommate (Kid B). One day in my English class, Kid A told us about how the night before his roommate had made him jerk him off, and he was really stressed out about it and scared. He didn't say too much because words were kinda tough for him sometimes when he's worked up, but the general idea was he really did not like it. The higher ups at the school found out, and they just kind of swept it under the rug.
There's more if anyone wants, but those are the two that really pop out at me.


The perfect crime, no?

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This would have been a good brawl.

Athletes are just better people.

This is why you don't send dick pics.

I can see pretty much any of these written as a teen drama for TV. What do you think?


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