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These Adults Throwing Temper Tantrums Need A Time Out

These Adults Throwing Temper Tantrums Need A Time Out
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How old do you need to be before having temper tantrums is no longer socially acceptable? Ten? Five? Any age over two? 

I'll tell you when it is certainly not acceptable. Adulthood. By that point, we expect everyone to know how to deal with any problems that might arise, or at least give the illusion of knowing how to handle things. That isn't to say people don't have a right to get hungry or upset. Just that we expect you to handle it with some degree of grace.

That doesn't seem like too much to ask for, but the following people seem to disagree. 

Holding your ground.
I was recently driving on a small country road when I saw a traffic jam in the distance. I drove my motorcycle ahead of the traffic untill I saw two ladies facing each other in their cars. Both tried to pass each other, but neither wanted to make enough room for each other to make that possible. They could just drive forward and it would be over, but no, they just refused to pass each other and decided to just sit there and create chaos on this small road because they didn't want to drive on the small patch of gravel...


Who said fancy people are fancy?
We had a dress rehearsal for an orchestra concert and the duet before us went over time, apparently because they started late.
When we kindly reminded them, the violist snapped and said something under his breath how we had made them wait at a previous rehearsal (which was not true; we were told to take more time).
Our clarinetist said "Excuse me, would you like to say that to my face?"
What followed next was two mature, adult, professional classical musicians screaming at each other on a symphony stage.
Luckily, the violist backed down and admitted fault because even the artistic director couldn't get them to calm down.


Learn how to park your cars!
My time to shine!
My dad and I went to a store to get some art supplies for my mom. Because he is disabled, my dad gets handicapped parking.
We were in store for about an hour and we got to our car, there's this dude and two police officers standing behind my dad's car.
The dude was yelling and swearing at the two police officers and kept pointing at my dad's car.
As my dad went to ask what was going on, the dude starts swearing at my dad, calling him a fat-ass, lazy motherfucker with no soul who parked in his parking spot as if it was made just for him.
This dude has been yelling at the two cops for the past half-hour, the two cops seemed more amused than anything else.
Until the dude saw me and started swearing at me (I was 11 at the time and I stared crying) the two cops and my dad went from irritated to pissed.
The dude shrunk at the force of three heavyset men yelling at him.
He started crying and swearing at us for stealing his parking spot, we found out this guy parks anywhere he likes and owed a lot of fines and even had an arrest warrant for some reckless driving charge. The police officer informed us that the guy owed about 10 grand in these fines and might be in prison for about three years.
Just because he thought he could park anywhere he wanted.
Another on happened during 4th of July, my town forbids anyone from parking at the sidewalk to ease traffic and allow ambulance and fire trucks and cop cars to go through because a couple years before a man died in the streets and EMT couldn't come to him because of the traffic.
Basically, cars parking on the sidewalks are towed and people have to pay 250 to 300 to get them back.
My dad and I put up signs to make sure people don't park on our yards and sidewalk because it was the main road.
Only 5 out of 50 or so cars listened to us and took there car somewhere else.
The rest trapped at us for not being American by letting them park even though they were told that it was the police that said this.
One guy had no problem swearing in frog of his three young kids and insult my dad.
Ass parked in front of house on the sidewalk and just left to watch the fireworks.
Tow trucks and cops came and easily made 10-15 grand just from our street.


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