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These Are The Most Useless Robots Humans Have Ever Built

These Are The Most Useless Robots Humans Have Ever Built
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1 year ago

I've seen enough movies to know we are guaranteed to have a robot uprising in the future. What brings me comfort, though, is the thought that that day is very far off. How do I know? Have you seen the robots that exist today? 

They can't organize, fight, or kill. They can barely even do what they were programmed to do. They are basically useless. 

Unless that is what they want us to think...  Huh? That's actually pretty smart. 

Hmm. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hide in my bunker. 

I'll stick with manual.
Go! Go! Go!
Still needs work.
Good for practicing.
Well, it isn't a masterpiece...
Eat your heart out, Micheal Bay!
Can't you two get along?
I know the feeling.
You had one job!
This seems unnecessary.
Poor baby.
What are you supposed to be?
Still needs work...
Back to beauty school...
This is how everyone will be traveling in the future.
Seems like overkill...
So it's just a fan with some cardboard tubes?
Get that thing out of my house!
Happy they just used a doll here.
You're beautiful!
What's with all the poop robots?
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