28 Obvious Things That Didn't Need To Be Explained But Were Anyway



One of the things I struggle with as a writer is knowing what to explain to the reader. I don't know how much prior knowledge the reader has. To clarify, a "writer" is person who communicates through text. "Text," of course, being a combination of symbols to make up words. In English, we have 26 "letters."

26, or twenty-six, as it is sometimes written, is a number, which is different from letters. This particular number is less than 27 but greater than 25. To be clear, when I say "greater," I am describing the quantitative value. I am not suggesting that it is good or bad. 

Anyway, here some things that some foolish people thought they needed to explain. 

Does that mean my brother is human? Hmm.

And here I thought there was nothing bad about Nazis...

I was looking for them in the mountains like an idiot.

He went back in time to plant this story.

Wanna try saying that again?

Oh, so they're twins.

I don't know. The apocalypse sounds like fun.

I don't think anyone is arguing that.

If they're not that big, then I don't want one!

Breaking News!

So if I don't spend money, I'll have money. Hmm.

I don't think this was a scientific survey.

Thank you for those parenthesis.

This feels redundant.

Yup. That's the plan.


Stop it with the babies!

Is that why it is called "Bad Food?"

Right. That's why this is impressive.

I'm sure they would if they could.

Who would have guessed?

He is clearly just phoning it in at this point.

It's cool. I'll float.

Aww. I wanted to stay poor.

Spinoza has the right idea.

So just a regular umbrella, then?

When are you going to get those new waterproof roads?

We can do math, thank you very much.

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