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Man Accidentally Reads Raunchy Fan Fiction Instead Of 'Harry Potter'

Man Accidentally Reads Raunchy Fan Fiction Instead Of 'Harry Potter'
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11 months ago

If you've ever ventured into the world of reading fan fiction online, then you have my condolences.

The stories might feature all of your favorite characters and some pretty descriptive writing, but the content usually takes a wild turn. And by wild, I mean downright pornographic. 

Usually it's pretty easy to distinguish between fan fiction and the real stuff, but if you're trying to find a copy of a book online, you could easily end up clicking on the wrong thing in your desperate search for material. Which is probably what happened to this Twitter user's friend.

It all started with Shelley Zhang receiving a text from her friend asking if Dudley dies in Order of the Phoenix, which sounded a bit off to them.

Things really got off the rails when Zhang's friend mentioned that the, "Wizarding Age of Consent is 15," and that Draco and Ginny fake a rape scene, something that one of the stories entirely revolves around, apparently.

Shelley's post blew-up, which pretty much forced her to post more screenshots of her and her friend's conversation about the unbelievable fan fiction's plot.

It just keeps getting better.

Especially when the necrophilia drops.

Then Shelley started posting excerpts of the fan fiction, in utter disbelief that they once thought it was the real thing.

Which meant that no, there were no birth control spells or sex-education classes at Hogwarts.

And no, Harry doesn't get muscles from running.

Some parts weren't all sex-related, though.

Shelley just couldn't believe he got so far in to realize the plot was too strange for actual publication.

Even if some of the scenes were absolutely incredible.

It turned out to be a tough pill for her friend to swallow.

As upset as he was, there were tons of people on Twitter who were just cracking up at his mistake.

Some even thought there was something admirable about his dedication to reading the very strange series.

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