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29 Examples Of Hilarious Vandalism You Should Not Try At Home



Vandalism is never okay. The only exception is when it is funny. Then anything goes, right? 

But it has to be really, really funny otherwise you are better off not doing it. Then again, isn't it better to generate a light chuckle than nothing at all?

Okay so even in that case, you shouldn't actually commit vandalism. Seriously: Don't do it. But feel free to laugh at the following examples anyway.

1. Gotta give props.

2. We are all outraged.

3. No need to be rude about it.

4. This is going on the Yelp review.

5. I don't know what to do about this.

6. Hmm.

7. The wisest words.

8. The sound of someone falling down a shaft.

9. Thanks.

10. Wow. Way to hide your secret identity.

11. Poor shark.

12. Who says vandalism has to be ugly?

13. My favorite part of the Bible.

14. I see what you did there.

15. She'll love that.

16. Classic.

17. I'll take them all.

18. Good advice.

19. Oh! Like in the movie. I get it now.

20. No! You're creating a paradox.

21. He's going to do this at any moment.

22. Well, this is horrifying.

23. Oh! Like in the song. I get it.

24. They do love clothing.

25. Yeah, I don't think trespassers are the creeps here.

26. No objections.

27. Burn!

28. You said it's all yours.

29. I don't want to follow these instructions.

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