The 22 Most Ridiculous Rumors People Ever Heard About Themselves



Many years ago I was working at a summer camp. I was talking to a female counselor about something so boring that I have forgotten what it was. What I do remember, though, was that at some point in our conversation I made her laugh. 

Immediately after we finished talking and parted ways her campers ran up to me and said that they knew we were dating. I told them that wasn't true because it wasn't but they wouldn't hear it. They had proof, they said. So I asked them what made them so sure and they said they saw her laughing and that could only mean one thing.

You can't really argue with that and rumors have been started for a lot less. 

1. Can you prove it DIDN'T happen?

2. You have a lot of imaginary blood on your hands.

3. What a tame rumor.

4. They were just jealous.

5. If you don't see someone always assume they've been arrested.

6. Hard to believe. Who diets?

7. Training to outrun the police.

8. How could such a thing exist?

9. I don't think kids know how booze works.

10. Beware the glue-huffing karate master.

11. Convenient cover for a reptile!

12. Who would believe this and how would this work?

13. IT is known for being the sexiest of all jobs.

14. What really happened was the holy water gave her boobs.

15. We all know you have your own private subway.

16. What more proof do you need?

17. A likely story.

18. If he doesn't go, then I go.

19. This is how these things start.

20. Kids are the worst.

21. It wasn't anything good.

22. Someone needs to speak to the biology teacher.

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