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36 Panoramic Photos That Went Wrong But Turned Out So Right



Almost every cellphone you can buy now comes with a fancy panoramic photo mode that's supposed to allow you to create massive pictures of breathtaking views. It's not really intended for taking a photo of your friend or your pet. Why? The slightest movement can create something terrifying, just like these...


2. Moo.

What happened to the legs here? Everything looks all... strange.

3. What a beautiful view...

And now his face is flat as a pancake.

4. Doesn't even need a wide angle lens.

WOWOWOW. Just look at the length of that selfie arm.

5. Panoramic photo gone right.

This little dude managed to find his missing feet. Yay!

6. That's a long kitty.

Think I can go to the shelter and ask for whatever this breed is?

7. This one isn't so cute.

8. Terrifying.

9. We still want to pet him.

10. Put that thing away.

11. 'What are you looking at?'

12. The hunchback.

13. Is this a long lost Picasso?

14. It's actually kind of cute.

15. A future gymnast.

16. Where'd his body go?!

17. She's beautiful.

18. Horrifying.

19. Just out for a walk.

20. How even?!

21. Well, he's terrifying...

22. Thumbs up.

23. They say she can pet cats from a mile away.

24. Adorable.

25. Not so much...

26. Is this cyclops a used car salesman?

27. Horses are so majestic.

28. This is what happens when you skip leg day.

29. Keep your eyes on the game.

30. Two heads to pet.

31. What's even going on here?

32. How's the water?

33. What happened to your face?!

34. Stop turning your heads, people!

35. Spooky.

36. Enjoying that beer?

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