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People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Celebrity Encounters And They're Awful



One of the cruelest tricks life plays on us is giving human beings the intrinsic ability to royally mess up situations we care a lot about.

Whether it's the interview for that dream job, a first date with that special someone, or magically going to Six Flags on a day when it isn't crowded - only to throw up after your first ride and feeling nauseous the rest of the afternoon, mother nature has a way of ruining your excitement at the worst possible time. 

And for these people who were lucky enough to meet their favorites celebrities, instead of turning what should've-been a magical moment where they got to share an experience with an individual they admired, they just came off as weird and in some instances, really pathetic.

Thanks a lot, mother nature.

One Sarah Kay asked, "What's the worst you've ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you super admired? One time Tommy Kail introduced me to Sara Bareilles & I was so overwhelmed, I looked her directly in the face & just said, 'oh wow.'"

There were name mix-ups.

Conflating actors with the characters they play.

Commenting on the follicular deficiencies of the world's biggest movie star right now.

Some people got celebrities to sign pictures of other celebrities.

There were people who crumbled under pressure.

Then there were people who ruined potential celebrity encounters for everybody else.

This woman somehow made her awkward situation even worse.

This fan who flew away from embarrassment is too relatable.

Poor Dwight.

Imagine meeting a celebrity while wearing Bratz jammies?

You get to meet one of the most active First Ladies in US history. And this is the photo you take.

When the entourage takes pity, you know things are bad.

This whole mini-story confounds me.


Way to ruin the moment, mind.

But there is a lesson to be learned from all this humiliation.

Or something like that.

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