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22 Hilarious Memes To Come Out Of The Zuckerberg Hearing

22 Hilarious Memes To Come Out Of The Zuckerberg Hearing
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Updated 2 months ago

If you watched The Social Network, then you'll know that one of the early uses of Facebook was as a  platform for measuring the attractiveness of other people.

It then spawned into a cultural phenomenon where pretty much everyone uses it, whether for networking, staying in touch with family, or connecting with internet communities, all for free. 

The problem with free services is that, like most free things, it isn't exactly free. While Zuckerberg explains that Facebook doesn't directly sell your data to advertisers, Facebook uses the information users provide to target ads to specific audiences. Once advertisers tell Facebook the sort of user they want to target, Facebook can place the ads on accounts that are the right fit.

The implications of this data use are being thoroughly covered, so there are plenty of places you can check out the nitty gritty details that may teach you some things you didn't know about the way Facebook works. 

Even better than that, though, are the jokes and memes to come out of the hearing.

A lot of them focused on how Zuck seemingly doesn't have human emotions.
Here's a candid shot of Zuck charging himself.
Sure, there are some people who think he's a lizard person.
But the general consensus is that he is a cyborg.
You have to admit the way he drinks water is kind of weird.
That's another take on the hearing.
I don't know why this is so funny it just is.
Zuck's parody FB account always delivers.
Going before Congress isn't fun.
The guy behind Zuck is so confused.
Initiate humanizing expression.
His mind has been integrated with Facebook servers.
I'm always down for a solid Cruz-Zodiac joke.
Is this what he looks like when you wear the special sunglasses?
Ha ha...
Then the meme lines began to blur even more.
Others weren't memes at all, but actual lines from the hearing.
Some people got creative with audio/visual editing.
Gotta love Facebook Live.
And some of the memes weren't even about Zuck himself.

If you want to see the entire hearing, that people are calling a disaster by the way, you can watch it here.

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