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Someone Found A 1920's Drawing That Might Be The First Meme Ever

Someone Found A 1920's Drawing That Might Be The First Meme Ever
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2 months ago

There are some things that'll always be funny, like farts. Seriously, ancient Greek Playwrights, like Aristophanes, were making jokes about breaking wind. So was a little dramatist who went by the name of Bill Shakespeare.

It's why good comedy is universal and almost always stands the test of time. Despite all of our technological and scientific advancements, changes in social structures and philosophies, there's one thing that doesn't change.

 Persevering the human condition. 

But it's that level of relatability that gives me hope, since we all are forced to endure similar difficulties, that gives us chances to form relationships with people that may have otherwise not been possible.

And also chances to appreciate jokes that come from yesteryear, like this comic from an issue of Judge Magazine that dates back to 1921.

I know that you're thinking exactly what I'm thinking: it's basically the predecessor to the "Profile Pic vs Tagged Photo" meme or  anything that deals with the struggle of basically being human, which means you're never good enough.

Because of it's structure and the fact that it's in such a recognizable format, Twitter had a revelation: could this comic possibly be the first meme?

I mean I'm convinced and so are a bunch of other people.

This meme correlates to so many modern ones that are currently bombarding all our social media feeds.

Driver's license struggles? Yes.

Just watch, Hipsters are going to comb through old magazine archives to find "vintage" memes.

I would argue that this mood probably existed even before the camera was invented. There were probably renaissance painters rolling their eyes after their commissioned works pissed off whoever had them paint it.

Our collective battle against the photo lens persists.

In case you want to see the proof for yourself, or think that this is all a meme conspiracy, someone found the OG source here.

Honestly though, I wouldn't be surprised if even older memes surfaced.

I mean, people made this pretty good point about ancient civilizations and our similarities with them.

And not to mention cats have been annoying people since forever.


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